strengthens relationships

Cleansing. Heart healing.

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NEW! Opal is a magical stone and I was immediately drawn to them at the Denver Gem and Mineral show because of their vibrant apple green colors. Green Opal is new for my collection. I hand-picked spheres and desktop pieces because of their unique coloration and organic flaws. They have the ability to help you gain a spiritual perspective and reorient your thinking which in turn gives new meaning to everyday life. You could place your Green Opal in your spiritual space or home altar because of its energy assists in taking you into deeper states of meditation.

For anyone going through heartache and needing faith to believe, Green Opal purifies and nourishes the heart. It heals your emotions and helps with all types of relationships. This stone restores your heart chakra.

palm stones and desktop styles
from Madagascar


  • cleansing & rejuvenating
  • strengthens relationships
  • gives meaning to everyday life
  • brings spiritual perspective
  • improves memory
  • eases pain and trauma from the past
  • strengthens immune system
  • alleviates colds and flu


Green Opal helps give meaning to everyday life. Place in your meditative space or on a shelf in your living room.