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Aura Cleanser. Soothing.

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Quartz is one of the most popular and powerful crystals and NEW on the crystal scene are BLUE QUARTZ

All about the BLUE pieces right now because they are soothing, calming, and vibrate with the throat chakra to enhance communication. A Blue Quartz calms a chaotic space whether it is a busy office or house full of family members. Generator shapes send the focused energy out into the universe.

Blue Quartz clears the toughest energy blockages. For healing, it strengthens the immune system and purifies the bloodstream. If you tend to be disorganized and need some energetic assistance, add a Blue Quartz to your home or office for orderliness. 

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  • soothing & calming
  • relaxing peaceful vibe
  • aura cleanser
  • clears toughest energy blockages
  • communication
  • inspires hope
  • brings a sense of order
  • self-discipline
  • strengthens immune system

Best to place in the office or central space for clear communication. Creates relaxing and soothing space.