Reduces stress & anxiety

Transformation. Clarity.

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PEACOCK LABRADORITE is a softer, special look to the power of Labradorite. Known for its luminescent quality, having this stone around helps you get out of your rut if feeling stuck. It reduces stress and anxiety. NEW is the sphere shapes, which I have not found before. Labradorite helps you understand your destiny and gives clarity to your inner thoughts.  

7"x7" slice comes with a stand
2.5" spheres come with a holder


  • protects and balances your aura
  • helpful for transformation
  • reduces anxiety & stress
  • clarity about your destiny
  • personal empowerment
  • highly mystical stone
  • accesses your spiritual purpose
  • banishes fears and insecurities
  • a useful companion when going through change

place in living room or any space needing balance, you can also carry a piece of Labradorite with you for protection against negative energies