calms during stress

Identify unique talents.

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SPECULARITE HEMATITE protects against electronics and 5G which can drain your energy and make you sick. I have had a large sheet of Specularite Hemamtie under my desk because of so many computer wires. This is a must-have for good Feng Shui.

These pieces with sparkly garnet flecks come from a mine in Michigan.

Specularite Hematite carries the same general properties as Hematite but takes it further into the realm of spirit. This stone stimulates the root and crown, forming a strong link between them to raise the lower, grounded frequencies and to ground the higher, spiritual frequencies. It awakens one to their true spirit while here on Earth, encouraging those who work with it to be their true selves without fear of judgment. This stone reminds us that we have all come into this life with our own gifts and talents, and encourages us to express them freely. 

Specularite Hematite is particularly helpful for identifying one’s own unique talents and how they can be used in any situation or endeavor. 

Hematite calms you in times of stress or worry. It grounds and protects you. Helps transform negative energies into a positive vibration. Fosters open communication dn strengthens self-confidence.


  • protect against computer EMFs
  • connects to the spiritual realm
  • stimulate crown and root chakras
  • awakens true spirit
  • helps identify your unique talents
  • treats blood disorders
  • helps heal broken bones
  • strengthens self-confidence
  • calms during stress
  • grounds and protects


Specularite Hematite the a powerful deflector of harmful EMF energy rays that our eyes cannot see. Place by your desk to shield from computer wires.