Deflects Negative Energy

Deflects. Removes.

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REVERSE GANESH MAGICAL CANDLES are my secret weapon against negative people. It sends other people's energy back to them. This either changes them or removes them from your life. You never want to send someone evil energy, this comes back to you ten-fold. You can, however, send them back their own energy and it will be uncomfortable for them. 

In Feng Shui, the Pakgua concave mirror can be used to send evil energy back to a noisy or nasty neighbor. I only suggest them in extreme cases. A better solution is to light a Reverse Ganesh Magical Candle and write underneath your desired outcome.

AFFIRMATION: I wish for peaceful respectful neighbors or supportive and helpful people in my life, etc.

"Within hours after lighting Reverse Ganesh, an unwanted employee
left the company on his own. This candle is amazing."
-Alex, Head of Talent Agency in Hollywood

"The Reverse Ganesh candle is so potent!
Thank you so much for your recommendation.
I lit it according to the instructions with heart-centered 
intentions on a paper underneath per instructions.
No joke, the roommate issue was cleared swiftly and
compassionately in the amount of time, it took to
burn through! Thank you so much for creating these
potent tools and for sharing your wisdom with me. " 
-Dillon Howl, Creative Director, KUČKA

"Wanted to give you some awesome, positive feedback.
My former employer dropped the non-compete case.
I received confirmation yesterday. I lit three Reverse Ganesh
candles last fall and you told me to let the energy play out,
it may take a little bit of time. Well, you were right and it worked!!!
Feeling so grateful and blessed. Thanks so much!"

-Tina Nuthulaganti, Philadelphia


  • deflect negative energies of others
  • attract positive outcomes
  • only send out what you desire
  • never send someone negative energy or it comes back 10-fold
  • get rid of annoying people in your life
  • high-level magic - be careful when using



  • made during specific moon phases
  • 100% clean-burning soy wax
  • hypo-allergenic
  • 10oz frosted recyclable glass container
  • handmade using essential oils
  • burns for @40 hours


  • light with the intent of deflecting toxic people and behaviors
  • snuff out when not home
  • relight when needing the energy
  • black smoke on the glass means it worked hard - burn another

To send away toxic energy from other people in your life light this very powerful candle. Never send anyone negative energy or it comes back to you ten-fold. Instead, put out what you would like to attract.