Abundance Through Life Purpose

Release Emotional Blocks.

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MALACHITE is the stone of empowerment. They come from the Congo in rich hues of green and beautiful patterns. Not only are they super powerful, but they are also prized in the design world. What I like most about Malachite is that it brings things up and sends them out releasing emotional blocks. They hold ancient wisdom and are a powerful healing crystal.

Not for everyone, only those open to a higher vibration in their home or office can handle their strong energy. My client, the beautiful International Supermodel and entrepreneur Miranda Kerr picked out a few for her home --for her son's room. We love them for children because they absorb harmful EMFs from computers and TV sets.

Because I am super picky about where I get my Malachite, I only work with one vendor at the Gem and Mineral Shows. His pieces are the highest quality because this energy needs to get to the core of any problem and enhance intuition.

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  • absorbs negative energy
  • guards against radiation
  • amplifies positive & negative energies
  • one of the most healing stones
  • important protection stone
  • attunes to spiritual guidance
  • opens the heart to unconditional love
  • encourages risk-taking & change
  • combats dyslexia
  • helps cramps & childbirth
  • alleviates shyness and supports friendships
  • attracts abundance through your life's purpose

Place Malachite at your desk to absorb harmful EMFs and keep yourself healthy