Feng Shui

Your life is always changing and so is your Feng Shui. It is a 4,000 year-old environmental science that activates positive Qi or life-force energy into your physical space. Friends and clients like Virginia Madsen, Julie Brown and Miranda Kerr know the power of positive Qi for good health, loving relationships and career success. When moving into a new place you have one chance to set it up correctly and this is when Feng Shui is crucial; like I did for Paula Abdul. When I can't be there in person; SKYPE, a floor plan and photos work perfectly.

Just bought a new house? Ready for a new beginning? Feeling stuck and needing a re-boot? Chaos & clutter causing you to be stuck? Career & finances drained? Your love-life sucks and you don't know why? Check your Feng Shui!

"A building reflects the character of its inhabitants." - Rudyard Kipling

As the "House Whisperer" houses literally talk to me and I listen. What is your home saying about you?

Feng Shui Video
"I'm on my NEW-NEW. New crib, new
car, new album, and Anita is coming
to make sure the vibe in the house is
-Ray J, singer


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    Sat. Jan. 31 from 2-5pm $48
    Topic: Year of the Wood Goat
    Shout Factory Conference Room
    2034 Armacost Ave. West Los Angeles

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