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BaZi Chinese Astrology is based on a person's birth date and time. It is a complex and deeply fascinating practice. Originally used to personalize a person's Feng Shui, BaZi is now a stand-alone practice and elite service used by Fortune 500 CEOs and business leaders throughout Asia. BaZi Experts are employed to guide tycoons daily on business decisions and dates for transactions and investments. As one of the few practitioners in the West doing this type of work, BaZi Astrology is one of my specialties.

Successful people have coaches. Spiritual people have cosmic coaches.

Whether you consult your BaZi for personal or business issues, Chinese Astrology is a transformational tool. The more you know about yourself the more options you have to make better decisions. With clarity you gain focus. Let me help direct your BaZi so you can shine in the spotlight of your life.


Cosmic Coaching utilizes a variety of high level tools, but the place to start is with an initial BaZi consultation because everything in your life is written in your BaZi chart: career talents, wealth potential, health and healing, children and all relationships. BaZi Astrology provides an in-depth journey into who you are and how you navigate the world.


There is no one-size-fits all business or life plan. Everyone is unique and what works for Oprah Winfrey (Yi Wood Philosopher Profile) does not work for Jeff Bezos (Geng Metal Performer Profile.) For business, we want to work ON our business not just IN our business.

As an artist, photographer, designer, film director and now a spiritual practitioner I have had success in a variety of creative fields. Not only am I accredited in a wide range of metaphysical tools, I was one of the first female director's in Hollywood and built a million-dollar global decor business in a few years. As an award-winning author, journalist, and International speaker I understand what it takes to build a brand, market your services, premiere a Hollywood movie, source products and import containers from China. Keeping current on trends, social media platforms, and understanding how to monetize talent (as a Ren Water Wealth Profile) puts me in a unique position to help you.

NEW for 2020:

Monthly Astrological Forecast - Qi Men Dun Jia is the magical mystical area of Chinese Metaphysics. Based on birth date information, a Qi Men chart deciphers a person's natal palace direction that contains specific energy patterns. We analyze these patterns of Deities, Stars, Doors and Formations (and so much more) on a monthly basis for sage guidance on a productive and focused month.

This monthly forecast contains which super powers to tap into, the environment you are navigating in, the most effective actions to take, and who are the players you will be playing with each month. Finally, the Formations give the most precise overall advice for the month. Deep dive information will make you more effective, focused, and in control of your monthly destiny.

"I love the monthly forecast because it targets what to focus on both personally and professionally. Anita also maps out my Yearly Wealth Forecast, but sometimes a year is too long to imagine. Planning and setting goals for the month with a little help from the Qi Men Deity energies in charge is perfect."
-Sai-Ling Michael,Evertruth Healing

"Anita's new Monthly Forecasts are totally right on! I think they are an excellent new service - very valuable to start the month with."
-NVision by Nicole Foos

How does it work? At the beginning of every month you will receive a written forecast via email. Recurring monthly payments of $85 are taken out of either your bank or credit card using PayPal. Cancellation policy: two weeks advance notice is required.

What if I need a private consultation on this information? 30 minutes = $185 phone conversation

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Date Selection Daily Calendar - with the Dong Gong and Qi Men Daily Calendar on your Google Calendar phone app you are among an elite few in the West who has access to this knowledge. This calendar is hand-plotted with pain-staking detail by combining multiple Chinese Metaphysical references. The calendar also includes MAGIC HOURS for super successful outcomes along with instructions on how to use them.

TIMING IS EVERYTHING so when you do the correct activities on correct dates placing your back in a specific direction to take action - positive results increase drastically. Must-have tool for morning rituals and empowerment. Everything you need at your fingertips to schedule all important activities both professional and personal. A real game-changer.

"When Anita proposed the daily calendar I balked at the added time and complexity and now that I have it on my phone, it takes a minute or two a day and is so easy to tap into the energy. Knowing what day supports what aspect of my life is like floating downstream instead of fighting the current everyday. The deeper I dive into this work with Anita, the more expansive the results."
-Karen Thornton,Creative Director of Visionary Staging

(must contact Anita directly to purchase and add Calendar to your phone)


An initial BaZi Chinese Astrology Consultation comes with a written report supported by a 90-minute private reading either in person or by phone. Before consult I need:

  • Birth date and time
  • Top 3 questions or goals


  • Initial BaZi Reading
  • BaZi Reboot (current clients only)
  • Seasonal Coaching (current clients only)
  • Yearly Wealth Forecast (done in Fall to set up following year)
  • Relationship/Family Dynamics
  • Qi Men Dun Jia Destiny & Forecasting


  • Creative Entrepreneurial Cosmic Coaching
  • Team-Building Workshop
  • Staff Hiring
  • Office Feng Shui + BaZi Consultation
  • Date Selection Daily Calendar


"The best present I've given clients (including Jen Aniston, Justin Theroux, Gwyneth Paltrow, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez) is Anita's BaZi Wealth Forecast. They flipped out at the accuracy and inspiration that they received and said it was the best gift I've ever given them and I take my gift giving very seriously!"
- Aleen Keshishian - Owner Lighthouse Management

"Anita is a true expert in Chinese Metaphysics and took me on an incredible journey of self-discovery! Meeting with her as a cosmic coach gave me an enlightened awareness of myself and the tools to break old patterns that kept me from reaching some of my personal goals. I was immensely impressed by her knowledge and insightful information that was 'spot on' when reporting on my personality. In addition to an extensive written report, Anita gave me some concrete advice and techniques on how to better navigate my life. Thank you Anita for all of your guidance - I loved our time together and learned so much!"
- Melissa Meyers, Lifestyle Blogger

"Anita's BaZi Business reading for our creative team was insightful and freakishly right on. We now have a valuable guide for moving forward making practical decisions."
- Shepard & Amanda Fairey - International Artist & Owners of Studio Number One

"I met Anita at a workshop she did for YPO Delhi chapter. One week after meeting Anita I was in LA with my core team and used Anita's services to determine the BaZi Business Profiles for those individuals. We were collectively shocked at how much truth there was and how much information was revealed through BaZi Astrology of a person's personality. Thank you Anita for this unique experience."
- Vishesh Chandiok - Grant Thornton India


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