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Go crystal crazy

My first introduction to crystal energy and its power was with Betty the Crystal Lady in the 1990s. A visit to Betty's Los Angeles house --filled with treasures --was magical. Betty knew the perfect crystal for each person so shopping with her was effortless. Decades later, I have become my own crystal expert. My house and life are filled with stones and crystals I have collected over the decades. The warm and inviting energy they bring to my space is something I wish for you too, which is why I have curated a special crystal collection.

Crystals and stones have been on the planet for 4.6 billion years and are more powerful than we can ever know. No two are alike.

Different forms and shapes offer their own power and frequency. Generators are six facets meeting a sharp point of focus and clarity. They sit on a desk or shelf. Clusters have many individual points radiating energy outward. Raw is organic and natural. Polished are tumbled stones cut into various shapes. Palm stones fit into the hand to hold for comfort. Double terminated have points on each end channeling energy in both directions. Spheres create windows into the past, present, and future. Geodes are hollow rocks with crystals inside. Druzy formations are sparkly energy amplifiers. I suggest mixing up the shapes in your collection.

Crystals hold consciousness and my focus is on high-frequency pieces. Each crystal, rock, or stone has a personality and they can be true partners in your transformation. As an intuitive, I test pieces to see which ones are meant for you. Know that your purchase from the Good Karma Shop comes cleared and balanced. As time goes on, cleanse your pieces by placing them in water or rinsing them in the ocean and setting new intentions. This is how I cleanse crystals. As a crystal concierge, I can pick out the perfect piece for you or someone you love. Crystals will tell me where they should go so be assured I will never allow a crystal to go where it will not be loved and cherished. Feel free to contact me for assistance in picking out your crystal collection. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY CRYSTALS!


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