One of the best gifts I received was Anita's Yearly Wealth Forecast, Her work is fascinating and so insightful. She is my Feng Shui Expert and after making some changes to my home that she suggested, my life has transformed. Working with Anita over the last 5 years has been a wonderful experience!

- Miranda Kerr - International Supermodel & Founder of KORA Organics

The best present I've given my clients (including Jen Aniston, Justin Theroux, Gwyneth Paltrow, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez) is Anita's BaZi Wealth Forecast. They flipped out at the accuracy and inspiration that they received and said it was the best gift I've ever given them and I take my gift giving very seriously!'

- Aleen Keshishian - Founder CEO Lighthouse Management

A shoutout to Anita Rosenberg who's making waves and creating a big impact in the United States. She's one of our favorite students because of her approachable character and gleeful presence. Anita has been an authority in Chinese Metaphysics and Spirituality for the last 18 years.

- Dato Joey Yap - founder of Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics

I'm on my NEW-NEW. I got the new crib, new album, and my sister Brandy sent the Feng Shui lady Anita to make sure the vibe in the house is right. Feng Shui is powerful - real powerful.

- Ray J - Musician & Reality Star

Anita's BaZi Business reading for our creative team was insightful and freakishly right on. We now have a valuable guide for moving forward making practical decisions.

- Shepard & Amanda Fairey - International Artist & Owners of Studio Number One

Anita's energy and happiness is inspiring. Two weeks after working with her I found a new lover! I am telling all my single girlfriends.

- Virginia Madsen - Actor

THANK YOU SO MUCH Anita. I took all the notes and now reviewing my goals for the biz in the new year. Sometimes things happen organically, and sometimes things need a bit of direction to be successful. Thank you for being my compass.

- Cristina Cuomo, editor & publisher

Anita was called in to the W Hollywood Residences for an 'emergency Feng Shui' consultation to access the property and offer suggestions to attract new buyers. Especially since there were perspective buyers arriving from China that week.

- W Residences Hollywood

Anita conducted a CEO Team-Building Workshop for our Zuri Hotel Group in Bengaluru, which showed us different ways for our team to interact with each other. It bonded our group and brought us something exciting and new.

- Bobby Kamani, owner of Zuri Hotel Global

Anita's in-depth knowledge of essential oils, magical candles and crystals is why I hired her to design my Royal Rita Collection for the Marley Resort & Spa. She is a special person with very spiritual roots and I trusted her completely. I'm such a big fan, I even shared her Enlightened Travel Kit with my children including Ziggy.

- Rita Marley - Singer & Philanthropist

My girl Anita Rosenberg is our official Feng Shui Expert. We've used her for the last 4 years with all the homes we've owned and she's our best kept secret - until now!

- Ashley Tisdale & Christopher French - Actor, Singer & Musician

Anita is a Feng Shui goddess. Working with her was magical and transforming. If you want to jump start your career do what Anita says because why would you question a goddess?

- Julie Brown - Actor, Writer & Comedian

The services Anita has provided have been extremely beneficial for both our personal relationship and business strategies. Being in the financial industry, running multiple locations with over 250 professionals, we've learned that there's no greater investment you can make than in yourself. Thank you for everything Anita!

-Nathan Ireton and Precious Martinez, CEO of TD Capital Financial Services

We were honored to have Anita Rosenberg speak to the YPO of Saigon. Our competitors in Asia believe they have an edge working with Feng Shui and we wanted Anita's view on the subject to empower our businesses. She was excellent. Anita is welcome back to Vietnam anytime. -Walter Blocker, YPO Education Chair

- YPO-WPO Vietnam

We brought Anita in to maximize our moment! We wanted to find ways to bring out the best in our entire team and to get to the next level in our business and personal lives. Anita's BaZi Business Assessments shed light on everyone's strengths and potential. We also worked with Anita on Feng Shui for our new home and offices. I highly recommend working with Anita if you want to function at your highest level and fulfill your true potential.

- Paul and Miriam Ireton - Dream Givers Financial

Working with Anita has been life transforming. She broke down my chart and explained my personality and traits, which allowed me to operate life at a higher frequency. Having the knowledge of my true self gave me confidence to pursue entrepreneurship and leave a corporate job in entertainment. Much of my success is owed to my Bazi Master and good friend for giving me the tools to successfully take the leap. I always look forward to my yearly reboot!

-Gianna Fae Vassilakos - Celebrity Master Trainer and Holistic Nutrition Coach

Anita's BaZi readings are a great resource for additional information on how to tap into your inner gifts. She is straightforward, insightful and inspiring. I recommend a reading for anyone interested in learning more about the inner dynamics of their soul.

-Heather Askinoise, founder - Energy Muse

Anita Rosenberg has transformed how I hire and work with my team. Through her readings, I gained insight into my staff; who they are, what motivates them, their strengths and weaknesses. It's genius - I've never seen anything like this. Don't take my word for it, try it with your next prospective hire.

- Tasha Oldham, Chief Story Extractor - My Story Inc.

Anita opened my eyes to a reality that I was living but can now truly embrace. Her energy, wisdom, knowledge, and power has a sincere way of touching you while bringing you back to the center of who you are. I would recommend Anita not only to help you expand yourself but to help you reach your full potential.

- Justin Klosky - O.C.D. Experience

Anita Rosenberg's unique approach to Feng Shui will change the way you think not only about your home, but also your life.

- Krista Smith - Vanity Fair West Coast Editor

Understanding my annual BaZi astrology chart through Anita's expertise has been a game changer in both my personal and professional life. I work with the annual calendar on a daily and weekly basis to make key decisions about launching business campaigns, setting work travel dates, connecting with clients and so much more. It's added a higher vibration of meaningful connection to my work and my practices over the years. I'm so grateful to Anita for her guidance and will continue to work with this magic for years to come.

- Kelsey J Patel - LA's Leading Wellness and Reiki Expert

Anita's Bazi readings are spectacular! For the past few years I have been working with Anita, and have experienced significant changes in my career and personal life. As an Acupuncturist, I am aware of the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui principles to increase health, wealth and vitality. She is a true master of this ancient system.

- Lee Shwalb - Acupuncture and Kambo Therapy

After our space cleansing & New Year Feng Shui boost both clients and staff shared that they felt a positive shift in the energy here! The uplifting feeling has remained ever since. We continue to have Anita in every season because it's good business.

- Andi Steloff - Sally Hershberger, Salon Manager

Anita's space cleaning shifted my home to more positive energy and I was so impressed, I decided to get a BaZi reading as well. Right when you meet her you will feel over joyed with her personality. You can tell she really cares and gets right to the point. As a interior designer, energy is VERY important so is timing and Anita also has the perfect tools to let you know which days are best to do construction, contract signing, and even have meetings. She's truly amazing and I can't wait to work with her again!

- Jason Lai - Principal Designer of L2 Interiors and TV personality"

I've been working with Anita for years. I'm a home stylist and store owner and find her expertise helps to grow my business. She advises me yearly on my store and I credit her for helping me create a flow that gives great energy to my shop.

- Tara Riceberg - Giftologist TWEAK The Original Giftery

Anita is a true expert in Chinese Metaphysics and took me on an incredible journey of self-discovery! Meeting with her as a cosmic coach gave me an enlightened awareness of myself and the tools to break old patterns that kept me from reaching some of my personal goals. I was immensely impressed by her knowledge and insightful information that was 'spot on' when reporting on my personality. In addition to an extensive written report, Anita gave me some concrete advice and techniques on how to better navigate my life. Thank you Anita for all of your guidance - I loved our time together and learned so much!

- Melissa Meyers, Lifestyle Blogger

I had a listing that was sitting longer than it should and we couldn't figure out why. I called Anita for a consult. One of her suggestions was that we needed to appeal to a couple - that was the buyer profile. Anita gave me some wonderful staging suggestions and voila - it sold! Almost like magic! And yes...to a couple. She was right!

- Laura Pardini - Compass Los Angeles

I had the absolute pleasure of having a reading from the gorgeous Anita and I was blown away by the information she had prepared for me and the professionalism. Having a reading like this from Anita has made my year! I can't wait to see the results this year will bring after implementing much of the strategy she has created for me, empowering me in the places I need to be empowered.

-Therese Kerr, speaker, author, organic industry and wellness leader

For ten years, I tried to arrange my apartment. In two hours, Anita came in and changed chaos into serene order. Her space cleansing is so amazing that I immediately attracted more significant jobs and my soul mate. After I got married, we brought her into our new house to add loving vibes. I highly recommend her to all my friends.

- Steve Fierberg - Cinematographer: Entourage & Love & Other Drugs

Anita Rosenberg is the undisputed go-to girl for utilizing classical Chinese Feng Shui to improve all aspects of one's life. To get the full shebang, we highly recommend you schedule a meet with the metaphysical maven!

- Refinery29

Anita has put the Feng in funk. She puts a modern spin on an ancient art and is bringing it into pop culture. Anita has made Feng Shui the hip thing to do.

- Nick Newmont, author of "Nemerology"

When we moved into our new house, our real estate agent suggested we meet Anita. In one short hour, she greatly improved the vibe and layout of our home with a few simple adjustments. She is intuitive and knowledgable, and I plan to meet with her again and to recommend her to friends.

- Liz Morehead, actor & Martin Hilton, producer of The Bachelor

Anita and I go way back. She has Feng Shui'd all my houses and with her BaZi reading, she opened my eyes to what I need to build my design business. Anita is fun to work with with and the way she presents the information is easy to absorb. I now have a game plan to make more money and win that Oscar.

- Mona May, Academy Award nominated costume designer

Anita's Feng Shui Luck book captures her passion for synthesizing Eastern and Western Feng Shui practices. Here, she offers an abundance of helpful tips, ideas, and examples to help you create and sustain harmony in your life!

- Terah Kathryn Collins - Best-selling author of The Western Guide to Feng Shui

Anita is an amazing and articulate guest, who really knows her subject well and can convey it with ease. She came in with such great energy and information, we had so many listeners engaged in the chat room with questions and it is definitely one of the most downloaded podcasts/videos that we've aired!

- Michelle Pollino - FOX Reporter, Writer, Personality

I am incredibly grateful every day for Anita's advice, mentorship, insight and guidance into both the personal and professional areas of my life. Her expertise into Chinese metaphysics and Feng Shui has had an undoubtedly profound influence on my life. There is simply no way I would have achieved the same level of success and alignment in my business and career without our yearly BaZi catchups.

- Katelyn Milevski - copywriter, Australia

My house is now filled with amazing crystals, plants have been moved to create intimate spaces, couches relocated to open up socializing... the list goes on!!! Working with her was amazing which is why I voted for Anita Rosenberg in the best Feng Shui expert category.

- Elena Horwich - Meal And A Spiel

A friend spoke so highly of Anita that I reached out of sheer curiosity, driven by a never-ending quest for knowing the self. Her Bazi Reading was a treat to myself. I was able to connect plenty of dots; past events made sense, and I emerged from the session equipped with a solid guidance of how to navigate the future. A very highly recommended reading indeed.

- Ewa Ewart - Academy Award Winning documentary filmmaker

I absolutely love Anita's Qi Men Calendar. Often within the chaos of the day, I forget to meditate and pray. The daily directions help me find my grounding in the mornings, re-balances me throughout the day and empowers my confidence with a spirituality unlike anything I've tried before.

- E.A. Jones - writer & producer

Anita came highly recommended so we booked her immediately to Feng Shui our new dental office. She is thorough, thoughtful and great to work with. Anita gave us amazing advice. Our staff and patients feel a significant difference in the energy. The beautiful crystals we got from her give off healing energy. We will continue to use Anita yearly.

-Bio Dental Healing, Dr. David Villarreal

As the Chair of The Global Business Committee of Denver Association of Realtors, I invited Anita to speak about Feng Shui. Anita is a very lively speaker, who holds her large audience (we had a sold-out event of over 75) fully engaged and fascinated by her knowledge. She came fully prepared with books and candles and crystals, presented very useful information and techniques, which definitively are going to enhance our professional skills but also our personal lives!

-Muriel Martin, Brokers Guild, Denver

Working with Anita on my Yearly Wealth Forecast has become part of my essential tool kit for creating important business plans and strategies, as well as planning personal events. Recently, we added in the 3 Victory Dates, which is another empowering asset to add to my practice, both personally and professionally.

-Serena Poon, Celebrity Chef, Nutritionist & Wellness Expert

Anita's work is both fascinating and insightful. I have learned so much about myself over the last few years working with her. By utilizing tools like the Qi Men calendar and my BaZi chart I gained the confidence in myself and understanding the world around me. Her work is truly a game changer.

-Allison Carey, Director of Marketing, KORA Organics

I am in absolute amazement on how correct your BaZi reading was. I was really doubtful about it, but everything fell into place exactly as you said. I met the guy like you advised me to focus on. Going down the career path you suggested I have my own business and travel. All of that is moving forward. So I had to call to tell you, BaZi is pretty amazing and so are you Anita.

-Natascha Hubert, Denver

As a psychic medium and good witch my job is to counsel people using the spiritual arts. Yet, I will not miss my annual Bazi consultation with Anita Rosenberg. Her daily Bazi calendar attunes my energies. Last year she encouraged me to write a book, and in less than a week Old World Magick became a best seller in five countries. Anita is definitely my go-to for her amazing Bazi Magick.

-Patti Negri, Hollywood Psychic Medium

My BaZi with Anita was the most profoundly practical reading I'd ever gotten. It was oriented towards business and expansion and was really thorough. The most useful infomation I've ever gotten from a practitioner before.

-Carolyn Barron, Chinese Medical Physician

I have been working with Anita for over a year and she's been absolutely amazing! My life is chaotic and stressful and she has helped me focus my attention in all the right places and create more peace and calm in my life. Her crystals and candles are also the icing on the cake, they make all the tools and advice she gives work even better. Anita is a true gem and I would recommend her to anyone looking to transcend their life to the next level.

-Sarah Jebreil DDS

I had a BaZi reading with Anita and it was just incredible! It helped explain so many aspects of my personality and life flow. It provided another lens to view myself that I found fresh and original. Her perspective and understanding of this ancient art form were like medicine for my soul. I am eternally grateful to Anita for her magnificent work. .

-Diane Luby Lane, Founder & Director Getlit.org

This is me after reading Anita's monthly forecast. It always gives me a perspective on what to look for , reflect on ideas or plans I might have forgotten about. I print the forecast and go back to it during the month. I love that Anita shares her knowledge with us. When I sit, breathe and let it all come to me, it bring clarity, energy and peace at the same time. Mahalo nui loa Anita.

-Catherine Michiels, Reiki Master and jewelry designer - Paris, Los Angeles, Honolulu

Anita came to help me set up my new recording studio, Feng Shui, cleanse and rearrange the space to be more conducive to positive energy flow. It really opened everything up - and the next day I got a new job on a Netflix movie! She is awesome and so lovely to work with, she's like part of the family!

-Christopher French, composer

Consulting with Anita is a powerful mystical download of empowering practical wisdom. She is remarkably facile with a complex system, and I have benefited from her inspiring expertise in Feng Shui, BaZi and Qi Men. As an added bonus: she genuinely cares and is passionate about sharing this information with others. I am grateful for Anita and the work she does.

-Elaine Hendrix, actor & activist