Space Cleansing


Space Cleansing

Creating a sacred space is like setting the stage of a movie. When your environment supports and nurtures, you are able to sine in the spotlight of life. Let me help you lear negative energy to CLEANSE and BLESS.

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Everything is alive with energy and everything is connected. What is going on in your house or office is also going on in your life and that is why creating a sacred space begins with cleansing techniques. Lighting incense with strong intent is a powerful tool to start to your spiritual journey and daily ritual. Whether, you are moving into a new place or stirring up stuck energy in your current space, let me help you wipe the slate clean and put back focused intent and blessings using a Money Seal ritual. As an intuitive, houses literally talk to me and I listen to those messages –helping you apply good Feng Shui in the process.

What tools are most effective?

From years of study, I prefer wafting my special blend magical incense and lighting my signature magical candles. Did you know that incense is a powerful tool dating back 6000 to 8500 years to ancient Hindu texts or Vedas. The trend spread to Greece and Rome when Babylonians wafted incense sticks during prayers. Peddlers along the Silk Trade Route turned incense sales into big-business when various techniques, multiple flavors, and a variety of styles became accessible –changing its name to the Incense Route. Candle making is a lost art and my signature magical candles are all-natural hypo-allergenic soy amped up with secret recipes of essential oils –handmade locally by a spiritual practitioner.


How does a Space Cleansing consultation work?

Don't even think of moving into a new home or office without first clearing predecessor energy. Never take on anyone else's stuff: bankruptcy, bad fortune, broken relationships, or arguments. Especially after renovation or construction, you want to clear workers' energy. Whether you are removing other people vibes or jumping up your own frequency of attraction, the point is to make the space your own.

Space cleansing is done on-site. The amount of time depends on the size of the property. Space cleansing is added to all Feng Shui consultation, yet it can also be performed as a stand-alone practice. I work with a Money Seal Ritual to clean out stuck energy and draw in wealth. Depending on your situation we can customize the cleansing. BONUS: even as a stand-alone service, I share Feng Shui suggestions as I move throughout your space to maximize the auspicious energy.

Most Popular Space Cleansing Services:

  • New Home
  • Energetic Reboot
  • Cleanse After Construction
  • Do-It-Yourself Money Seal Incense & Instructions

What Anita's Fans are Saying:

- Steve Fierberg - Cinematographer, Entourage & Emily in Paris

For ten years, I tried to arrange my apartment. In two hours, Anita came in and changed chaos into serene order. Her space cleansing is so amazing that I immediately attracted more significant jobs and my soul mate. After I got married, we brought her into our new house for loving vibes. I highly recommend her to all my friends.

- Andi Steloff - Sally Hershberger, Salon Manager

After our space cleansing & New Year Feng Shui boost both clients and staff shared that they felt a positive shift in the energy here! The uplifting feeling has remained ever since. We continue to have Anita in every season because it's good business.

- Jason Lai, Principal Designer of L2 Interiors

Anita's space cleaning shifted my home to more positive energy and I was so impressed I decided to get a BaZi reading as well. Right when you meet her you will feel over joyed with her personality. You can tell she really cares and gets right to the point. As an interior designer, energy is VERY important so is timing and Anita also has the perfect tools to let you know which days are best to do construction, contract signing, and even have meetings. She's truly amazing and I can't wait to work with her again!