stone of happiness

Joy. Stress reducer.

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APOPHYLLITE crystals are my weakness. There is something so magical about the sparkly stones that always draws my attention at Gem and Mineral Shows. They come from India. They are crystals of joy that lift the energy in a room.

They allow you to recognize your own truth. Apophyllite promotes introspection into your own behavior. Some have pink STILLBITE inclusions. Stillbite carries a supportive vibration. They open your intuition. Stillbite aids in your spiritual journey. 

My clients Miranda Kerr (photo below of her piece) and Gwyneth Paltrow added to their crystal collections with Apophyllite I picked out for them. You need one too.

clusters vary in size from 5"-7"
some include stillbite
from India


  • uplifting happy energy
  • stress reducer
  • overcome anxiety
  • calms chaotic household
  • heals stressful office
  • healing for Reiki practitioners
  • creates a happy joyful space


  • supports creativity
  • helps you manifest your creative projects
  • gets you out of your head
  • guides you on your spiritual journey
  • encourages parties, gatherings, and reunions
  • perfect for businesses and healing spaces

Apophyllite is the sparkly crystal of happiness and joy - place anywhere to uplift the space. I love them for living rooms and book shelves.