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Gain Courage.

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Girasol is also called a blue opal or jelly opal. It has a misty watery quality that lifts you from being stuck and procrastinating. They stimulate creativity. Use Girasol when you are ready to try something new, take the next step, or when you want to have a grand adventure. This is the stone I suggest for those with a lot of Earth in their BaZi chart and need more fluidity in their thinking and in their life.

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Girasol benefits:

  • voice of your thoughts
  • gain the courage to speak freely
  • communication in general
  • creativity
  • treats fatigue
  • counters procrastination
  • helps you get unstuck

*When you have too much earth in your natal BaZi chart, I suggest a girasol to get things moving.

hold in your hand, place in mediation space