set healthy boundaries

Fearlessness. Self-Worth.

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SUNSTONE comes from India and it protects from destructive forces coming from other realms.

Sunstone vibrates with Libra and Leo sun signs. In ancient Greece, it attracted abundance to those who wore it or carried it with them. When psychic vampires drain your energy you need to cut ties and refocus on yourself and have a powerful Sunstone in your crystal collection. Carrying a Sunstone will help if you have a hard time saying no or setting healthy boundaries.

Sunstone is one of the happy crystals.


  • alleviates stress
  • increases self-worth & confidence
  • switches pessimism to joy
  • removes hooks from other people
  • helps set boundaries
  • fearlessness
  • heals chronic sore throats & relieves ulcers
  • good for cartilage problems
  • brings gambling luck

Sunstone can be carried with you or placed on your desk or anywhere you need to alleviate stress and pessimism.