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Heart Healing.

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ROSE QUARTZ attracts love on all levels. It opens your heart chakra. Raw Rose Quartz is a more natural vibe to the polished shapes and they look more organic displayed in your home or office.

Deeper hues of pink are better when it comes to selecting Rose Quartz. They bring unconditional love. Teaches you the true essence of love. Brings deep inner healing and self-love. Excellent for use in trauma or crisis.

Place in the bedroom. That is my favorite location for Rose Quartz. However, in the office is also great to fill the atmosphere with loving vibrations to create a happy workspace.

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*sold by weight & deep pink hue

Rose Quartz benefits:

  • teaches the true essence of love
  • use to attract love
  • draws off negativity & replaces with love
  • heart-healing
  • excellent stone for a mid-life crisis
  • if you have loved and lost it comforts grief
  • if you have never received love, it opens your heart to be receptive
  • receptivity to music, writing & art
  • reminds you of what is important
  • helpful for Alzheimer's, Parkinsons's, dementia

Rose Quartz goes anywhere needing more love; bedroom, office, meditation space, or area where everyone gathers