love on all levels

Self-love. Heart-healing.

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You can never have enough ROSE QUARTZ. Some are used for decor to create loving energy in the space while some pieces can be used to hold in your hand for comfort. Rose Quartz promotes self-love because you must love yourself before you can attract the love of someone else. This pink stone vibrates with the heart chakra to attract love on all levels.

Chosen for their deep pink color, Rose Quartz is an important part of every crystal collection. I am very picky with my Rose Quartz and chose them for their deep pink hues.

polished free forms, generators, and slices on stands


  • teaches the true essence of love
  • use to attract love
  • draws off negativity & replaces with love
  • receptivity to music, writing & art
  • reminds you of what is important
  • calming, soothing, open the heart chakra
  • brings deep inner heart-healing
  • heals kidneys and adrenals
  • said to increase infertility

Rose Quartz goes best in the bedroom, but you can place it anywhere to attract more love into your life. The office is a great place to help you prioritize.