get to root of problems

Higher Purpose. Harmonizing.

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RUTILATED QUARTZ is one of the most beautiful crystal formations in my opinion. With the rutilation threads that come in various forms like gold, silver, to name a few - are extra energizing.

They come from Brazil and combine the properties of Quartz with other specimens held within the stone. Recognized because of the lines inside that look like sticks or straws. Titanium oxide within the crystal creates a strong conductor and energy amplifier.

Having Rutilated Quartz helps you get to the "root" of the problem. It connects you with "Star People" and helps with astral projection if you plan on flying out to the cosmos. It is a healing crystal. Not for everyone, but if you are on a higher spiritual journey then you need one of these in your collection.

range in size and colors
each piece is truly unique
comes from Madagascar
generators - clarity of intention
NEW - hexagons


  • Get to the root of problems
  • Healing
  • Connects with other galaxies
  • Use during astral travel
  • Assists those on a higher spiritual journey
  • Draws blessings into your life
  • Enhances spiritual awareness
  • Harmonizes energies
  • Boosts energy wherever it's placed

Rutilated Quartz helps you get to the root of problems.