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Music. Art. Harmony.

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CELESTITE is a glittery cluster that attracts good fortune. A creative stone for the arts and a teacher for the New Age. This is the crystal that jump-starts personal development and urges you towards enlightenment. Clusters cleanse and amplify a space. If you are an artist or creative soul, then you need a Celestite in your collection. Plus they are sparkly and super pretty. The geodes in this collection are high vibrational and deep in tone.

"I'm a stone of personal truth. Work with me in meditation or place on your desk
and doors will open. You'll see your Higher Self and learn how to bring all your creative gifts forward."

comes in clusters of various sizes, I also have one 4" egg shaped geode (uique piece)


  • stone of balance & harmony
  • stabilizes yin & yang
  • bright hope in days of despair
  • excellent for pursuit of music & arts
  • inhabited by fairy of good fortune
  • powerful healing stone

*one of my favorites for artists and creative people

Dazzling Celestites go on your desk, in your entry or art studio - wherever you need inspiration.