gives hope that you are loveable

New Beginnings. Love.

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PINK TOURMALINE vibrates with the heart chakra. It brings joy and peace during growth and change. It helps you trust in the power of love.

For those needing to be reminded of how loveable they are - Pink Tourmaline is your power crystal. I also love this piece for when you are starting again or renewing your sense of spirit and happiness. This crystal vibrates with the heart chakra and helps you not only with self-love but boosts creativity.

Good quality pieces with big chunks of tourmaline are difficult to find and I am very picky --looking for pieces with larger pieces of pink. Pure pink tourmaline can be very expensive and used in beautiful jewelry. In its natural state, it is found inside chunks of quartz. I love the raw pieces for your home or office to help you listen and really tune into others. It instills calm and is good for times of stress.

Affirmation: I am loveable. I am perfect just the way I am.


  • ushers in the new-new
  • gives hope that someone will love you
  • releases destructive tendencies
  • vibrates with the heart chakra
  • balances the left & right brain
  • use for creativity & healing
  • calms stress
  • helps you listen to others

Pink Tourmaline is a valuable stone that when found in nature comes with quartz. Place in the bedroom or any space where you need to attract more loving energy.