Lifts Depression & Grief.

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LITHIUM QUARTZ is a clear crystal with inclusions of natural lithium. Lithium Quartz is my go-to crystal for those going through grief. Losing a loved one is a roller coaster and everyone grieves in their own unique way. As someone who lost my mother --my best friend --a few years ago and went through deep grieving, I can tell you that by holding my Lithium Quartz with its soothing and loving energy was been very helpful.

Lithium Quartz serves as an antidepressant that gently lifts depression. It neutralizes anger and grief. It is an excellent cleanser. They have inclusions of lavender, lilac, or pinkish-grey minerals within them, and many of the stones are phantom quartz. For those going through emotional situations and needing comfort, this is the stone for you.

*I only pick up high-quality high-vibrational pieces.

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Affirmation: I am strong, resilient, and able to withstand all challenges with grace and dignity.


  • lifts depression
  • soothes grief and heals
  • calms and balances
  • helps with stress and anxiety
  • very healing for plants and animals

*only from Brazil, truly rare crystals

place lithium quartz in the bedroom, in your office or anywhere you need to be supporting emotionally