clears free radicals

Antioxidant. Detoxifies. Heals.

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SHUNGITE is the crystal of the moment and one of the most important ones to have in your collection.

Shungite is a carbon-based rock found only in the Karelia region of Russia. Said to be billions of years old, it's the hot new find among the healing community. Discovered in the 1700s, its origins are a mystery.

This is the only known natural material to contain fullerenes, a powerful antioxidant. Scientists earned a Nobel Prize for their research on fullerenes. It has miraculous healing and detoxing properties.

With the new 5G on our phones and so many wires and electronics we are constantly engaging on, Shungite is the most powerful crystal you can have to help clear away those unhealthy unseen rays. Place it on your desk, by your bed or you can even drink water infused with the highest quality of Shungite (I have some - contact me.) I highly suggest having a piece of Shungite on the desk of all your employees if you are a business owner to ensure productivity and a healthy positive vibe in the office.

You MUST-HAVE Shungite to clear radiation that causes headaches and fuzzy thinking --and many illnesses in general.

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cubes and pyramids for desks & bedside tables
spheres for larger spaces and offices
NEW - Om and Buddha disks
drinking cups to infuse water


  • shields against electromagnetic radiation
  • heals & detoxifies
  • powerful antioxidant
  • treats diseases like kidney disease, colds, chronic fatigue, allergies & immune issues
  • one of the most healing stones in the world

*hottest must-have crystal in the metaphysical world right now

Shungite is the most powerful stone to clear harmful toxins both inside and outside your body - carry with you, on your desk, by your bed or infuse in drinking water