heart centering

Angel connection. Order.

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SARAPHINITE is a spiritual energy that is used to connect with the highest order of angels. Not for everyone, but if you are on a path of transformation, working with Saraphinite is like working with the Seraphine angelic realm. They come from Siberia and when I bought this new collection at the Denver show, my one source told me the mine is now closed, making these valuable to your collection. These are high vibrational, unique crystals.

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This is my seller from Russia telling me why she loves saraphinite so much.
*angel feather patterns


  • spiritual energy
  • connects with the highest order of angels
  • creates a sense of order
  • helps you live from the heart
  • heart centering
  • allows you to control people in a positive way

in your meditation space, on your desk, anywhere you spend a lot of time