deep sense of purpose

Generosity. Self-Confidence.

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NEW! BLACK CHALCEDONY encourages brotherhood. Black Chalcedony initiates miracles and has been used by American Indians in their sacred ceremonies for centuries. The piece I discovered at the Denver Gem and Mineral Show is a sparkly druzy quality. It alleviates self-doubt, negative thoughts, and nightmares. 

Among its healing properties, it aids emotional balance, stamina, vitality, and endurance. This is one of the stones that absorb negative energy and disperses it. Having Black Chalcedony around transforms sadness and melancholy into joy. 

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  • absorbs negative energy
  • harmonizes mind, body & emotions
  • instills generosity & kindness
  • transforms melancholy to joy
  • lessons dementia
  • eases self-doubt
  • deep sense of purpose
  • dissipates bad dreams


Black Chalcedony placed by your bed helps clear bad dreams. Display anywhere negative energy needs to be cleansed.