encourages self-expression

Awakens Unconditional Love.

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NEW! RAW RHODONITE is a fabulously funky chunk of stone that has magical powers. Rhodonite attracts love. It also nurtures self-love. Before you can love someone else, you must first love yourself. This is the lesson that this stone teaches.

Rhodonite also clears emotional wounds. It helps you forgive others as well as yourself. Having this stone around helps in achieving your highest potential. Hold in your hand to balance yin-yang.

This is the first time I had seen Rhodonite in raw form and I was instantly drawn to it. The deep reddish hues combined with other specimens within the stone, make these pieces truly unique for your collection. Keep by your desk or in the bedroom.



  • attracts love
  • nurtures self-love
  • clears emotional wounds
  • forgiveness
  • helps in achieving your highest potential
  • balances yin-yang
  • treats joint inflammation


Raw Kunzite is a spiritual stone with a high vibration to awaken unconditional love.