marries passion & patience

Divine Love. Appreciation.

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RUBY ZOISITE raw stone is brand new for my Good Karma Collection. Something about this beautiful combination of RUBY with ZOISITE caught my attention and I had to learn more about them. What I found out is that Ruby encourages a passion for life. It improves motivation and setting realistic goals. Ruby helps you follow your bliss. It also shields against vampirism of heart energy. Those who will soak up your loving energy will be blocked with a Ruby.

Layer the red Ruby energy with the sparkly green of Zoisite that assists in manifesting your own self rather than being influenced by others trying to conform to the norm and you have a winning formula. Zoisite is a creative stone. It is also a  natural detoxifier reducing inflammation. 



  • marries passion with patience
  • turns negative energy into positive
  • alleviates grief, anger & despair
  • detoxifies
  • follow your bliss
  • opens the heart to divine love
  • appreciation & abundance
  • keeps you from being influenced by others

Ruby Zoisite turns negative energy into positive.