Reminds us to help each other

Supreme Nurturer. Courage.

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JASPER is a colorful stone called the "supreme nurturer." Having Jasper in the home or office supports in times of stress. There is a tranquility that accompanies this stone. NEW for the Good Karma Collection are slices on stands. The patterns of the Jasper have names. One of the pieces I picked up is called a Crocodile Jasper and the other is Ocean or Sea Jasper. They both balance yin and yang and help align chakras.

Sea Jasper is found in Madahascar. It is considered an Atlantis Stone and best known to elevate joy and happy spirits. It also helps when you need a lift. 

Crocodile Jasper with deep green mystical swirls has a calming effect and relax the space where you place it. It is a stone of peace and tranquility. Expands one's ability to focus. Encourages heart opening to loving the self. A good piece for giving and receiving love.

slices come with stands


  • supreme nurturer
  • supports during times of stress
  • tranquility
  • reminds us to help each other
  • absorbs negative energy
  • realigns chakras
  • clearsm EMFs & environmental pollution
  • encourages honesty with self
  • aids quick thinking
  • give and receive love
  • focus
  • promotes organizational abilities
  • prolongs sexual pleasrue
  • supports during prolonged illness or hospitalization

These Jasper slices are perfect for display in any space. This stone nurtures and reminds us to help each other.