New ideas. New situations.

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BLUE CHALCEDONY comes from Madagascar. These are new finds - polished pieces with beautiful inclusions. They are called free forms, polished as they came out of the ground. What I love most about Chalcedony are its nurturing qualities. In this time of stress and depression, Blue Chalcedony brings a sense of calm. A creative stone, it opens the mind to new ideas. Enhancing communication, having a piece helps with learning languages, and improving memory. 

From a healing viewpoint, Chalcedony can help clear illnesses related to changing weather. It has an anti-inflammatory effect. A powerful cleanser that has been known to lessen the effects of dementia and senility.


  • Enhances creativity
  • Helps you accept new ideas and new situations
  • Flexibility
  • Soothing & calming
  • Relaxing peaceful vibe
  • Harmonizes body, mind, spirit & emotions
  • Openness & enthusiasm
  • Nurtures
  • Eases self-doubt
  • Enhances the immune system

Place on your spiritual altar or in your office to create a calming and soothing space.