blocks negative energy

Wealth. Positive Attitude.

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BLACK TOURMALINE is the crystal of the moment. A must-have in your crystal collection. 

These unique pieces also have Red Hematite to ground and anchor. When these two crystals are aligned they strengthen self-confidence. It helps you focus and creative original thinking. Having a Black Tourmaline with Red Hematite on your desk helps to improve relationships. These are very strong pieces to empower any office.

Black Tourmaline blocks negative energy. It protects against electromagnetic smog from cell phones, computers, and all electronics. What I also love about Black Tourmaline is that it deflects toxic people in your life; those sending you the evil-eye of jealousy. 


  • clears EMFs from computers
  • encourages a positive attitude  by deflecting negative thoughts
  • grounding
  • protects all chakras
  • strengthens your immune system
  • brings great luck & wealth
  • psychic protection
  • heal on many levels

*must-have in your crystal collection

Black Tourmaline should be in your basic collection - place anywhere. You can also get a small piece to carry with you. I like mine by the computer or in the entryway.