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Release resentment. Let go.

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FORGIVENESS MAGICAL CANDLE releases resentment and animosity. It is time to focus on true forgiveness to heal on a deeply profound level. 2020 ushered in a lot of external chaos triggering internal chaos and sometimes this is directed at other people. Placing blame does not help anyone and in the end, only hurts you. So, I brought back the Forgiveness Magical Candle to help you let go and release anything not currently serving your highest good.

When lighting, release the victim mindset. This doesn't get others off the hook who have hurt or wronged you. It does return the power to you to heal and let go. Lighting this candle can be the most profound healing you can do for yourself.

"Wanted to give you some positive feedback on the forgiveness candle.
I didn’t have many expectations besides it may take some time to reach forgiveness.
Remember the guy I told you about that treated me badly about a
month ago on a trip I went to Tampa with? Well, when I came back I was upset
and full of anger and resentment. After lighting the candle over the past month,
I feel free and healed. He reached out and we had a normal conversation and
I didn’t feel anything. With that said, I’m still going to be careful and keep
him at a distance. However, the feeling of being able to truly forgive
him feels amazing! Was surprised how fast it worked!!! 
Thanks so much, your candles are very magical!!! "

-Tina N, Philadelphia

AFFIRMATION: I release my victim mindset. My life works for me not against me.

NEW - the alchemy of adding crystal boosts mixes a subtle layer to your magical candle intention.
To add a crystal boost CLICK your choice in the dropdown menu. Boosts come with a card description of the bonus energy.

PINK AVENTURINE BOOST - heartfelt, happiness, enrichment boost
SODALITE BOOST - communication, clarity, and connection boost


  • profound healing
  • forgiveness on all levels
  • release resentment and animosity
  • let go of what is not serving you
  • release the victim mindset
  • brings you back to calm bliss
  • clears anger

  • made during specific moon phases
  • 100% clean-burning soy wax
  • hypo-allergenic
  • 10oz frosted recyclable glass container
  • handmade using essential oils
  • burns for @40 hours

  • light with the intent of abundance
  • snuff out when not home
  • relight when needing the energy
  • black smoke on the glass means it worked hard - burn another

Light Forgiveness to release resentment and heal