spiritual protection

Blissful. Uplifting.

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NEW! SANDALWOOD MAGICAL CANDLE ignites bliss and uplifting energy. Sandalwood is heartwood from Asia. I love the woody aroma. Used for spiritual protection and as a meditation tool. Light sandalwood to deflect from toxic situations and people. 

Incense is a powerful tool dating back 6000 to 8500 years to ancient Hindu texts or Vedas. The trend spread to Greece and Rome when Babylonians wafted incense sticks during prayers. Peddlers along the Silk Trade Route turned incense sales into big-business when various techniques, multiple flavors, and a variety of styles became accessible The famous trade route changed its name to the Incense Route. 

SPIRIT begins with prayer and what better way to speed up that communication than by lighting incense. SMOKE is the vehicle that dispatches your wishes and dreams to the universe.

CONE incense is pressed into a pyramid shape, invented in 1800s Japan. These cones are handmade locally by a magical practitioner. 

AFFIRMATION: I feel blissful. I am spiritually protected. 


  • spiritual protection
  • blissful
  • grants wishes
  • healing
  • meditation tool
  • deflects toxic situations

handmade cone incense
15 cones per bag
**watch video below for further instructions



  • smoke from incense sends your prayers faster to heaven
  • light with intention or goal
  • light cone
  • place inside cauldron
  • raises your vibration
  • cleanses energy & blesses the space
  • sends your prayers to the universe

light on your shrine or altar - or any room in your house or office - smells yummy