stone of plenitude

Clear thought. Alleviates pressure.

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NEW! DENDRITIC AGATE is a translucent stone of plenitude. Having this beautiful artsy piece brings abundance in every aspect of your life. Delicate patterns from nature appear to me like Japanese paintings. The earth tones bring grounding and stability. Display on a bookshelf or place of importance like an entryway. Dendritic Agate is an emotional stabilizer, encouraging you to remain centered during times of confusion or when dealing with obstacles. Dendritic Agate supports perseverance and the ability to experience difficulties as an opportunity for change.

Working with Dendritic Agate in your spiritual space helps you connect with your roots as you grow from your challenging experiences. Use for focus and to move forward with realistic goals. This is the stone to help you keep a positive attitude during transformation.

Dendritic Agate helps heal the nervous system. They are good to relieve stress and overcome anxiety. Agate raises consciousness and encourages quiet contemplation and assimilation of life experiences. It helps heal and gives you the courage to start again when dealing with any type of emotional trauma. It dissolves inner tension. When you have an Agate displayed it helps you accept yourself and build confidence. So many great reasons to have a Dendritic Agate in your collection.



  • Abundance and plenitude
  • Perseverance & self-confidence
  • Energy stabilizer
  • Clear thought
  • Alleviates pressure
  • Promotes tolerant judgment
  • Growth from challenges
  • Brings stability during times of confusion
  • Opens and aligns chakras
  • Raises consciousness
  • Improves focus
  • Heal blood vessels and nerves
  • Strengthens immune system


Agate Dendritic are stones of plenty with decorative designs from nature.