Aligns with your soul & purpose

Soothes during crisis.

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NEW! TROLLEITE is a rare and new find for the Good Karma Shop. Beautiful layers of blue are calming and soothing, especially during crisis. This is the perfect stone for the times we are currently living in. First discovered in Sweden in the early 1900s. Hold Trolleite during meditation to go deeper into your inner life.

Trolleite supports you regardless of where you are on your path. It is the stone of manifestation. Be mindful of what you wish for because Trolleite opens divine channels for grace and universal energy.  When feeling rage, anger, frustration, or hurt this is the piece for quick release of those negative energies. Pick yours up when feeling down or frustrated.

VIDEO of LARRY talking about TROLLEITE


  • calming & soothing during crisis
  • connects with memories of your life journey
  • deepens inner life
  • aligns with your soul and purpose
  • mental clarity
  • opens divine channel
  • manifestation
  • release anger, frustration, and hurt
  • stimulates deep dreams

Trolleite is a rare stone that cams during a crisis and deepens your inner life.