Setting Realistic Goals

Amplifies. Positivity, Focus.

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When it comes to AMETHYST --the deeper the purple the better. I've never seen so much deep purple high-quality Amethyst than recently at the 2021 Denver Gem Show. It's like it popped out of the ground just when we needed this energy the most.
Among its many attributes, Amethyst absorbs negative energy and replaces it with positive. That is why these pieces make great entryway greeters. Every crystal collection requires an Amethyst. It is one of the basics of the crystal kingdom.

There is no better way to energize a space than with a deep purple AMETHYST. When they come in clusters and geodes, they are shields of positive energy. Place in your entry or office to boost the vibes --or wherever an area that feels stuck or stagnant to stir up the Qi. Use to focus and help set realistic goals.

Amethyst Clusters are excellent tools for meditation. They absorb negative energy while sending out positive vibes. My favorite source is a 3rd generation family-owned mine in Uruguay. They mine high-quality deep purple pieces with care and love. The deeper the purple hue the better. I also found wonderful pieces from other vendors and I highly suggest you pick out a piece for your collection.

*Amethyst wands are a unique configuration that has popped up on the crystal scene.

Anita talks with Maria Sol about Amethyst in 2021

click image to view video from Denver Gem Show


  • attracts business prosperity
  • stone of meditation
  • helps you set realistic goals
  • calming, soothing & tranquil
  • inspires creativity
  • energizes Qi
  • absorbs negativity while sending out positivity
  • activates the Crown and Third-Eye Chakras
  • stone for NOW and needed on the planet to raise the vibration

*Amethyst is one of the top three crystals you must have in your collection.

anywhere you need to lift the energy