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SMOKEY QUARTZ amplifies energy. They cancel negative affects of radiation and negative ions. Smokey Quartz grounds, anchors and helps eliminate stress and fears. Smokey Quartz assists when going through difficult times and teaches you to leave behind anything that does not serve you.

I am super picky with my Smokey Quartz. most on the market are heat treated to make them dark black. Finding natural Smokey is difficult so when I discover a few pieces I scoop them up. One of my favorite locations for a Smokey is by my bed. It helps with calm and peaceful dreams. 

With so much toxic enery coming from people and the environment these days, having a strong Smokey Quartz in your space is very helpful right now. 

click photo to view video from Denver Gem Show

click photo to view video from Denver Gem Show

*comes in different shapes: alligator quartz, generator with rutiliated elements, generator teacher


  • restful sleep
  • enhances dream awareness
  • grounds & centers
  • eliminates fears
  • lifts depression
  • brings positive vibe to any space
  • loyalty
  • works on issues layer by layer
  • creativity in business
  • astuteness in purchasing
  • antidote to stress

Smokey Quartz is great on your nightstand, in the office, or anywhere you need to absorb negative energy and replace it with positive