paranormal spray

Cleanses. Blesses. Energizes.

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When you need to clear your physical space or physical body from other people's energy, DRAGONS'S BLOOD AURA CLEANSE is the go-to for experts in energy work. Use after working with clients or in your home or office. Clears paranormal activity. Realtors should have a bottle in their tool kit. When we talk about Dragon's Blood, of course, there is no such thing as dragons, silly. It is the red resin from a tree. Spraying DBAC empowers children who fear monsters under their beds or ghosts in the closet. I use it when traveling to clear out energy from everyone who has slept there before.

8oz metal spray bottles


  • clears any space
  • clear hotel rooms from other people's energy
  • clears paranormal spirits
  • clear your space after parties
  • clear yourself after working with clients
  • use for office to clear negative energy
  • uses for retail space daily to clear the energy of shoppers

spray your space or yourself whenever you need to clear sticky negative energy